Monday, November 28, 2016

Getting Our (2nd!) Christmas Tree and My Desire to Simplify

This year marks Christmas number two for our marriage, and Christmas number one in Rose's life!

We loved our Ikea tree last year (and the fact that it was only $20 made it even better!), so we decided to make a tradition of getting our tree there, having lunch, and doing a little shopping. Shopping in Ikea is so fun, and so dangerous. There are so many enticing things to buy! Can anyone walk through all of Ikea (and they make sure you walk through all of it) and not buy something? I think it might be impossible.

Our day was honestly so much fun though. Rose loved sitting up in the cart, something she just became old enough to do, and looking around at everything and everyone.

We did some Christmas shopping, had lunch, and then picked out our Christmas tree. It sounds like such an ordinary day but it was a day I want to remember because it was such a special time with Matt and Rose. I love that we can start traditions now that could be carried on throughout the years, and be really fond memories for our kids. Our house currently smells of Christmas tree, and it is heavenly.

Our trip to Ikea (where I was holding myself back from buying everything in sight) as well as an interesting article on minimalism that was in my facebook news feed today, got me thinking a little about stuff. 

Something I have been really drawn to lately is the idea of simplifying my life. The amount I'm on my phone and social media (which is a lot), the amount of stuff I buy and have in my house, my to-do lists (they are always way too long and overwhelming), and just life in general.

When we moved last summer, I was unpleasantly surprised at the amount of stuff we had already accumulated in just one year of marriage. I am so grateful for many of these things, like all of the furniture we were given as well as the many wedding gifts that are so wonderful to have. That being said though, there was just so much!

I think my intense dislike for the process of packing up and unpacking, and the entire process of moving, is what drove my desire to have less stuff. So when I happened upon an article by Allie Casazza called How Getting Rid of my Stuff Saved my Motherhood, I was intrigued. Less cleaning? Sign me up! Buying less and saving money? That sounded good too.

Anyway, I haven't done anything drastic. I haven't purged my house of everything and anything unnecessary. I have been trying to be a lot more mindful about what I have
in my house, and I've done little purges (like my drawer of makeup that I've had since High School...). I find that my personality suits easing into things slowly a lot better, so that's what I'm trying to do.

The other part of simplifying stuff is how much I buy and let into my house. I think I'm pretty good at being frugal, but it is honestly so hard not to want things that I really don't need. Honestly it's not even usually things for me, having a little girl has opened up a whole new world of wants! I mean it makes sense, advertisers jobs are to make you want their products. Even a lot of the moms that I love following on instagram are
making money by showcasing certain products and making them look really attractive, and it works! Advertising is everywhere. I think that not buying a lot is so counter cultural and just so difficult. It is another thing I am working on, though.

I hope to keep working towards slowly simplifying my life, because I think it will bring me more joy and more peace, and I'll have less to clean and won't spend as much.

As I write this I feel like I am someone jumping on a bandwagon, because "minimalism" and "simplifying" almost seem to be a fad going through the mom social media world right now. It seems like a fad, but I think the real reason it is taking off is because it is answering a desire that moms have. I know the concept really resonated with me because I have a deep desire for a more simple life. So with that being said, here is my first post on my desire to simplify, and I hope that there will be more as I work on this!

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