Monday, December 19, 2016

Some Christmasy Photos of my 7 Month Old!

Well today is day 8 of Rose being sick. I am sick too, but it's mostly just a head cold that seems to be way worse today. I am a huge wimp when it comes to being sick, I just don't stop talking about every little symptom. Poor Matt. Rose seemed to be getting better over the weekend but today she is the most sick she has been so far. In her life, actually. All 7 months of it!

Tomorrow marks seven months of Rose! New developments include her mobility (no crawling yet, but she can get anywhere in a room she wants, and get into everything, via rolling and scooting backwards), a bit more separation anxiety, a few more giggles, and lots more air in her jolly jumper. We have been blessed with a super content and happy baby and man do we love her.

I naturally put a dress on her and took some photos in this week home alone with her, so I thought I'd share them with you guys on here. I love the second hand dresses I find for her! I think it may be my only shopping addiction - buying second hand dresses for Rose.

She just kept hitting it, waiting for something to happen. Not till Christmas baby!
Kind of annoying that I forgot to write the h in zucchini, but it was just too much effort to do it all over again.
Matt, Rose and I had a really nice weekend at home together. It's rare we aren't busy on weekends, but we decided to mostly stay in because Rose was recovering from being sick (turned out it didn't help, she was super sick again Monday!). We actually spent a considerable amount of hours playing this sort of risk game against each other on our laptops (neglectful parents I know, but Rose was super happy playing/sleeping!). We also downloaded the Eragon audiobook and started listening to that together. We've been reading Harry Potter at night but decided an audiobook would be good for when we are both too tired to read. I love our little family and the time we get to just hang out together. I treasure it even more now because things have been so busy for Matt with work and coaching!
I wanted a picture of us with our tree before it dies. It's days are numbered, you can
tell by the sagging branches. We took this one after mass on Sunday. So exciting
that this will be Rose's first Christmas!


  1. Aww that is so amazing you have a daughter who gets to wear the dress I made for you as a baby! She is so adorable! Love you!