Monday, January 30, 2017

Cloth Diapering a Baby on Solids

I wrote a post about how I cloth diaper, and why I like cloth diapering, but both of those were written when I had just started Rose on solids. So I thought I would do a little cloth diaper update and let you know how it's going at 8 months, now that I have a few months of solid baby poop under my belt!

What's Changed Since Rose Started Solids

The poop

This is the obvious change. When Rose was just starting solids her poop was a little more solid than before, but still not "playdough" texture. I read about people just plopping the poop in the toilet, and that confused me because that was definitely not possible. So for that transition time, I used flushable liners and when the poop would sometimes stray off the liner, a metal spatula to sort of scrape it into the toilet. Now that her poop is the texture of playdough, I simply let the poop fall off the diaper into the toilet and throw it in the wet bag. It's really quite easy.

I've gotten a little bit lazier

I think a little bit of the initial excitement of cloth diapers has worn off. I still love using them, but I've definitely lost a little bit of my gusto. Basically what's changed in this department is that although I still always use cloth diapers when we are at home, I now rarely use cloth diapers when we go out. I find this takes a little more effort just because you have to make sure you have cloth wipes, and if she poops you have to put the poop in a toilet wherever you are, or put it in the wetbag and dump it in the toilet when you get home. Not much more effort, but like I said, I've gotten a little lazier.

Rose is wearing an AppleCheek diaper. I love the colour of this one!

Her leg rolls are to die for.

If you want to see more of the photos from our in-home session by my sister Monica, they're here:


  1. Oh she's so cute! Love her legs!!

    I am actually giving cloth diapering a rest right now because I'm having serious issues with rashes, even after stripping. (I need to test my water.)

    However, I used cloth on Benedict for a few months with no issues at all. I used charcoal liners at night, usually in one of my pocket diapers that has double gussets, and I never had problems with Benedict leaking.

    Jerome, on the other hand, was impossible to keep dry. I needed to probably buy some of those wool pants.

    1. Oh wow! Okay I've tried with Rose a few times and it was so wet, but maybe if I just put another insert in it would be enough for her! Thanks Liver :) I hope you figure out those dumb rashes!!