Sunday, January 8, 2017

Thoughts on Where This Blog Will Go in 2017 (and Some Christmas Photos!)

I can't wait to start blogging again! The Christmas holidays have been so amazing, but I feel ready for a little more routine and calm again. The holidays were filled completely with time with our two families, which I loved. I also loved getting to see Matt so much, since I didn't have to share him with work and coaching!

I think Rose is in need of a little routine and consistency as well, specifically when it comes to sleep. Sleep seems to go so much better when we are home for a number of days in a row. Of course that's just not life though!

I am not really sure where to go with this blog. What I do know is that I love having it as a creative outlet, and that I really love writing and that this seems to be a really great way for me to write (I still haven't worked up the motivation to start a book, I wonder if it will ever happen...). What I'm not sure of, though, is what the purpose behind this blog is. What I want to write about. Those sorts of things.

I will probably continue to just write posts on whatever I feel like writing that day, but I do hope to eventually have this blog be a little more focussed, and have more of a purpose behind it. I am just not sure what that purpose could be at this point.

Ideas I have for things I would potentially like to write about are:

- My experiences in South America
- More on motherhood, because that's my life :)
- Our family's everyday adventures and my daily life
- My journey trying to simplify my life
- My faith journey
- Rose and all things baby

We will see where this blog goes! I'm excited for all the time I will get to spend writing in 2017!

Here are some photos my amazing sister took of Rose in her Christmas dress. My mom sewed me this dress for my first Christmas. My sentimental side loves how I now have a daughter who was able to wear it!

With my youngest brother Matthew
I'm seriously obsessed with her.

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