Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Rose and I drove home from my parents' place Friday morning (St. Patrick's Day!) and that evening we all went to my brother and sister in law's place for a very Irish St. Patrick's Day party!

I love the slightly crooked smile! Auntie Lilly had an even more pronounced one (so adorable) so it's so cute to see that she got it from the McCallum side! I love seeing things she got from both sides of the family.

Ha! We put this little bow in but it didn't last long because it barely had any hair to hold on to... I will save it for when she gets more hair! We're all about the bows around here...

The best I could do for her 10-month-old lying in the crib photo! It's good we only have 2 more of these to take because she is not as into lying on her back as she used to be. However only having two more months until she is 1 year old is kind of shocking!!!

This is what she was wanting to do while she was lying on her back... This is a very new development in Rose's life! She just learned to pull herself up on things this week and I have to say life is a bit more crazy. 

We both have some ancestors from Ireland so we aren't completely pretend-Irishmen ;) I used to be so interested (I still am but just not at the same level) in genealogy and family history so I love thinking about where our ancestors came from and what their lives would have been like.

The party was so fun. I loved all the Irish things that were incorporated into the party! There was stew and soda bread which I was obsessed with (the stew was so good!!), Irish blessings and poems, Irish music and a little sing song (something I really appreciated), beer (except I was DD), and good friends (aka siblings). 

In the spirit of all things green (I'm just trying to find some connection here), here is the first peg doll I painted for Rose! I'm making 5 of them for her first birthday. I love how they are so open ended and I so hope she uses them to create little stories using her imagination. Things like that are something I so cherish from my childhood. 

Also on the green theme, I'm hoping to have a super small lawn mowing business this summer and mow some lawns! I still don't know for sure if it will all work out, but I am so hoping it does. I've been doing things to figure that all out and am getting very excited.

Happy late St. Patrick's Day and thanks for reading my random going-ons!

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