Monday, April 3, 2017

5 Ways I Try to Stay Frugal With a Baby

I've heard, a lot of times, how expensive babies are. However, that hasn't really been my experience, so I thought I'd share a few ways I try to stay frugal with a baby because, when I can, saving and being frugal is definitely important to me.

1. Buying used clothes

The adorable baby clothes are so tempting! However, unless you find good sales, I find they're not cheap. Considering babies only wear each size for a few months (and thus are needing constant wardrobe changes), the cost would really add up if you were buying all the baby clothes new! It's incredibly easy to find good quality used baby clothes. Because they wear them for such a short time, the clothes usually aren't worn out, and so many people are wanting to sell or get rid of their baby clothes once they're done having kids (usually after two kids, so the clothes are generally not very worn in). People sell bags and boxes of baby clothes on Facebook buy and sell groups for great prices, thrift stores are great, and I think that most people would know someone wanting to give baby clothes away, even. So I personally think this is a pretty easy one. I was so fortunate and was given a lot of baby clothes for Rose and have only had to buy a few missing items (or an adorable dress that I couldn't say no to), that I bought for good prices at Once Upon a Child, a thrift store, or on Facebook buy and sells.

2. Buying used everything (except maybe a car seat)

Beautiful new strollers are tempting, but I had no problem finding a perfectly functional (but a bit worn in) one through Kijiji for $20.

You can get almost every baby thing for cheap if you put in the effort, and maybe sacrifice having the best, nicest, or newest thing. I found people, even strangers, to be so generous with their used baby things. When I was first pregnant thinking about all the things we would need for baby, and looking at what prices were to buy things new, I thought having a baby would probably cost a lot. However, with the generosity of so many people and a little searching for things online, I barely spent anything. The only big item I've had to buy so far was a car seat (they expire after 6 years. I don't really know why.)

3. Cloth diapers

When you google the average amount people spend on disposables per child before they're potty trained, numbers vary a lot. I don't want to throw numbers out there when I don't know how accurate they are (it all varies so much, and none of the sites seemed super official), but I feel confident that using cloth diapers at home will save me a lot on the cost of diapers, because I have to buy a lot fewer disposables and will be able to resell my cloth diapers if I decide I'm done after Rose, or save more if I wear them out by using them for multiple kids. I don't find using cloth to be very difficult for me at this point in motherhood, and I like that it saves me a bit of money.

4. Nursing

I'm hesitant to include this one because being frugal isn't my reason for nursing, and I know that lack of frugality isn't anyone's reason for not nursing! I had to supplement Rose's diet with formula when she was a newborn because she wasn't gaining enough weight. I know there are definitely people who don't have a choice, or formula is just the better choice for them and their baby. With all that being said, I really had to include nursing in this list because the cost of formula would really add up, and nursing is free.

5.  Planning ahead, but not overbuying

I'm including this one as a great idea more so than something I implemented perfectly. Why I say planning ahead saves money is because if I know I will need a specific item ahead of time, I can watch for it on Facebook buy and sell pages, Kijiji, or thrift stores. This definitely applied more when I was pregnant, as Rose hasn't needed much lately other than a few clothing and winter items. I also included not overbuying because I think planning ahead can backfire at times. I mostly experienced this while being pregnant as well. It seemed every time I would buy a used item (at least it was always cheap so it never mattered much), I would be given that item within a week. Do they call that Murphy's law? While pregnant I bought a used baby monitor for $20, saw a lady was giving away a free cloth diaper wet bag and went to pick it up. Arriving at her house, she proceeded to give me another set of monitors (of course). Also maternity clothes, baby girl clothes, all the baby blanket I could need and a crib (that I'm obsessed with because it's white...). She was so nice! I think she had it all sitting in her basement and I was the fortunate beneficiary.

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