Tuesday, May 2, 2017

7 Quick Takes - Rose, Hacksaw Ridge, Easter photos

Our family on Easter!
So I often see bloggers I follow with posts titled seven quick takes, which I am taking to mean seven random things you feel like talking about. I decided that I want to try it :)

1. So about Rose - the lady on my brain all the time... She is changing so quickly! I can see her little personality popping out in all these exciting ways. Our TV is kind of precariously perched on the TV stand (gotta go back to the huge TVs we had when I was a kid, there was no way you were tipping those things over. Let alone moving them with 4 grown men to help you...) so I always have to take stop Rose from doing her all time favourite thing... standing in front of it and smacking it. I was doing laundry the other day and I looked over at her standing at the TV stand and it was so funny. She would smack the TV, then stop and look down and shake her head in this hilarious uncoordinated way. Then smack the TV again, then stop and shake her head. It was like she was having this inner battle with herself hahaha. Really I think what it was is she associates smacking the TV with me shaking my head. Unfortunately, I don't think she associates shaking heads with not doing something... Anyway I laughed so hard at her it was so cute.

2. Remembering what it's like to have a newborn... A friend of mine recently posted on Instagram how she is finding motherhood to be getting a little easier now that her baby is a couple months old and is smiling and giving little responses. She talked about how in the very beginning the mom is suddenly thrown into this world of incredible selflessness with almost no appreciation, emotion, or response given in return - and it is such an adjustment. Most of us have never experienced anything like it. After reading that I was thinking about how it is so different have an almost one-year-old vs. a newborn. I seriously do fall in love with Rose more and more every day. Thinking back to the very beginning when Rose first came into the world... man that was so hard. She was beautiful and amazing - but it was definitely nothing I could have expected. I'm thinking of writing a post about things I didn't expect as a first time mom. It's so funny because I thought after being around for my mom having quite a few kids (being the oldest of seven - I remember the last four as babies) I would know what to expect. Nope. Mom made it look easy! And maybe the subsequent babies are less of an adjustment than the later ones? I'll stick with that ;)

3. Nathan's movie reviews and HACKSAW RIDGE. Matt and I wanted to have a movie night the other night but could not find a movie that looked good. We decided to check out our friend Nathan's movie reviews on youtube and man did he deliver! Particularly his Top 10 Movies of 2016 video. It convinced us that we should watch Hacksaw Ridge........ IT WAS AMAZING. I am not a huge movie person, but I would say this is the best movie I've watched in a really long time. I can't say enough good about it. I somehow missed that it was based on a true story, so when the end came and they showed photos and footage of the really Desmond Doss and other people in the movie my mind was completely blown. What an amazing man. There are times in the movie when you think his beliefs are almost a little silly or that he should maybe not be quite as stubborn, but then I realized that it actually is so amazing to be that strong of a person - someone who can hold on to what the believe even in the face of that much resistance and adversity. I also thought Andrew Garfield did an amazing job.

4. Am I becoming more introverted? Okay, I have been noticing this shift with me and it is kind of shocking to me. I used to be so so extroverted. I mean I still would say I get energy from being around people and I'm definitely a very social person - however. I used to want to be around people constantly. I now find myself craving alone time, or time just with Rose at the house. To spend time with her in our quiet happy place, blog a bit or work on a diy project or something, get the laundry done and the house clean (man I love the feeling of a clean house and empty laundry baskets - makes me feel so accomplished and peaceful). I guess that feeling of wanting to be alone sometimes (or just with Rose) is so foreign to me so I'm pretty surprised whenever I come to the realization that I actually want to just be in my house and not constantly socializing.

5. SUMMER IS COMING! That sentence makes me very, very, very happy. The grass is shifting from dead yellow/brown to bright green, I didn't wear a jacket yesterday, and the warmth of the sun is shooting rays of joy into my soul. I am so excited for summer. So much time spent with family, our siblings, chances to see close friends who I don't get to see enough, camping and the outdoors, walks outside, no bundling up a baby... life is good. Also my sister is moving to the city next to me this summer and I'm so excited about that! And a couple of Matt's siblings will be home from university. If you can't tell, I'm excited.

6. I made an Instagram account for the blog! I made another Instagram account, it's @sunshineandposies. I wanted somewhere to always post about each blog post and let people know what I've posted. I know I could have done it on my personal account, I just like the idea of only the people who want to hear about my blog having to see it. I don't want to bombard anyone who really doesn't care about what I'm saying about minimalism and mom life ;)

7. Rose is waking up soooo early.... Does anyone have any tips/tricks/prayers/schemes for making a baby sleep in longer? Adjusting her bedtime didn't work (neither did blackout curtains or a fan) - it's like she has a magical sensor that says "wake up!" super early no matter what. I know that the answer to this is me embracing waking up early BUT if you have a magical solution, I'm all ears.

And here are a couple more photos from our Easter!

First Easter for Rosie girl!

With my sisters

Along with this being my first 7 quick takes post, I'm going to try linking up with another blogger (Kelly from This Aint the Lyceum) for the first time! I don't really know how this works of if I'll even do it right but worth a shot...