Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Baby Is One! (Birthday Festivities)

This picture is amazing. Could her eyebrows go any higher?

My baby is one year old!!!

Part of me still feels like I have a newborn, part of me feels like newborn Rose was so long ago. This year really did go by so quickly though. I'm kind of terrified of suddenly realizing 15 years have gone by and I have a teenager.

Motherhood is seriously the most complicated thing. I look at Rose and I just love her so much it feels like it's going to explode. It started out complicated. Having a million new things thrown at you while living on no sleep and crazy hormones - I felt like I couldn't handle what was being thrown at me and I think a part of me wondered what I had gotten myself into. I remember one day when I started crying while I was talking to my mom. She gave me a hug and I remember saying, "I didn't know it would be this hard!"

At the same time all these emotions were going on, though, I felt so proud of Rose, proud of myself for bringing her into this world, amazed with God for creating her, so touched to see Matt as a father and loving him more than ever, and so so so in love with Rose already. I was in awe of her - I couldn't believe that she was our baby.

Life this year has had it's ups and downs of course, but Rose is honestly like a bright light adding joy to my life every day. If I had to describe what I know of her personality so far in a few words I would say bright, expressive, loving (she gave me like 30 kisses today and the best cuddles - happy mama), and curious. She is so interested in things! From her books that she will look through for so long to a random crow on the lawn across from us that is completely blowing her mind.

We had a fun little celebration for Rose at my parents' house the week before her birthday! Complete with her party dress, a bunny cake, and everyone loving on Rose. I have discovered that I may not be the themed-party-mom, but maybe I will be inspired to put more effort in once my kid is old enough to appreciate the themed party ;). My mom always made creative cakes and did really cute and fun parties for us so maybe I should pay it forward to my kids... we shall see!

Baking is not my forte so I'm so grateful to my mom for making this adorable bunny cake! I just added the details ;)
I love her little party dress!
We also had a party with Matt's side of the family! It was such a nice day for a barbecue, we loved visiting with everyone and had so much fun! We are so grateful for all these people who love Rose! Also for little Joe to be Rose's best buddy :)

Thanks my baby for making my life so much better. You've brought so much purpose and love to my life and were so worth every pregnancy discomfort and every night waking. I pray pray pray that I can be a good mom to you and that you will always know how much I love you.


  1. What a lovely party! Congrats on making it through the first year of motherhood! Rose is adorable. So sweet!