Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Podcasts, Nursing, Clothes... (7 Quick Takes)

1. Podcast episodes I loved this month

I seriously listen to so many podcasts now, it's crazy. I love starting my day with a Fr. Mike Schmitz podcast episode. They're so short and packed with super amazing insight and knowledge. I usually listen to one while I get breakfast ready for Rose and I. Then on walks, or while I clean or cook, I have many many other podcasts that I love :) Here are my favourite episodes this month!

Faith: Wanting to Fix People - Fr. Mike Schmitz

Minimalism: Minimalism Can Change Your Life - Lavendaire

Having boundaries with social media: Social Media Detox and the Power of Silence - Good Things Radio

Touching and inspiring: Handling Grief Publicly With Emily Meyers - Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher

2. Letter from my high school self

I wrote a letter to myself in religion class in grade 12 and they just sent it to me in the mail! Some of it was weird to read! Some funny things to read were:

"You're probably still in university, but I hope you travel. I hope you see the world (well at least some of it). I hope your life is exciting and beautiful. Maybe sometime you'll have an adorable baby! Don't forget to have fun in life, party hardy... Only date a guy who respects you, is strong in his faith, and is super good looking."

It's funny to think when I wrote it I had no idea what my life would be like six years from then. I started by saying, "Oh my gosh you're 23!" I was only 17 at the time! Time passing... it's weird to think about and a little sad. I think I would have been super happy to look ahead at my life and see where I'm at... and I'd be completely shocked to find out I marry Matt!!! He was just Olivia and Brielle's friend at that point. Craaaazy.

3. I weaned Rose

I'm not nursing Rose anymore :( :) (mixed emotions). Honestly, you can't understand the complexity of emotions surrounding nursing your baby until you do it. People say,"nursing is really hard, and it hurts!" to you when you're pregnant and you just don't understand what they really mean by that until you go through those first couple weeks. I heard about moms crying when they had to wean their baby and did not understand that at all, and then bam I'm tearing up a bunch through the process of weaning Rose. It's just the most complex thing, you bond through it both emotionally (snuggling your baby, staring down at them for hours on end) and because of the release of the hormone oxytocin. It's sometimes painful, sometimes challenging, sometimes inconvenient, and sometimes awkward, but it's also so amazing to be able to give your kid so much comfort, love, security, and the exact nourishment they need... It's complicated.

I think weaning Rose was harder for me than her, it actually went really smoothly overall. I did it really slowly over about a month, just slowly nursing her less, and she loves her sippy cup so she became totally fine with cuddling while she drank out of that instead. I think the ease of weaning a baby also just has to do with their personality, and I guess she's still at an age where she doesn't fully remember what she's missing. So here we are, man who knew nursing was such a big deal! :)

4. Found an awesome article on the basics of photography for super-beginners like me!

My sister Monica (who is an amazing photographer) gave me her very first DSLR camera (I think that's what it is called? The fancy kind) and I am trying to learn how to use it. It's so complicated! There are so many different things to think about when you shoot on manual. I thought this article for beginners was super well done and made a lot of things click for me that I was lost on before.

No, I didn't take this photo of Rose's sweet curls, my sister did.

5. New online clothing store

A good friend of mine just started a new online clothing store called Shimmer and Glow Apparel. I really really want the floral maxi dress and pink ruffle sleeve shirt... we shall see. The site is definitely worth checking out though!

6. Speaking of clothes... Old Navy is my new favourite clothing store!

I scoured the mall for some clothes that met my clothing standards (comfy, modest, simple, preferably don't have to wear a tank top with it...) and had no luck :( I then took my sister's recomendation and checked out Old Navy and found too much! Which was a good thing. So now my whole summer wardrobe is from Old Navy and I'm happy.

7. Two Confirmations and a First Communion

My sister and my sister-in-law both got confirmed, and my little brother got his First Communion! So proud :)

To end, this photo to make you laugh. Rose, I am sorry. You look hilarious. Monica and I couldn't stop laughing at this picture! That cloth diaper bum :)

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