Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Things Rose Says | Part 1

I want to remember the funny little things Rose says throughout her life, specifically when she's a toddler and little kid because kids say the funniest things. My brother Joseph filled a note in his phone with funny things our youngest brother Matthew has said (he definitely has a mind of his own) and every once in a while he opens it and reads them out loud all and we all completely die laughing.

She isn't old enough to say anything funny yet, but I wanted to start this little series that I hope to be ongoing. The things she says right now are so cute if you hear them in her little voice.

Here are a few of the things Rose says that make me smile.

Things Rose Says | 16 months

Peeeees - Please. I had to start with this one because it is the word most often used. It varies from a casual "pees," to a desperate and high pitch, "peeeeeeees."

Bak-ba, bak-ba, bak-ba, yay! - Singing "backpack, backpack..." from Dora. Tonight when I put her to sleep she just wanted me to sing the backpack song over and over, and when I would start to sing something else she would say/sing "ba-ba, ba-ba, mooooore?" (without the r sound). She will also start singing this when she sees a cell phone because she wants the song to be played.

Ruh-ruh! Ruh-ruh! - Trying to say "ruff ruff" because she loves dogs and wants to kiss every dog that ever walks by us. Imagine it in a very excited dramatic way with her eyes wide open and eyebrows halfway up her forehead in intensity.

Dee-doo - Thank you. She will never say it if you ask her to but says it quite often of her own accord. It is seriously the cutest thing. It happens most when you give her something she really wants or that she wasn't expecting you to actually give her. Today she threw her rice cake off her high chair and looked at me regrettably, and when I gave it back to her I got a grateful, "dee-do!"

De-toe - Gentle. She says this as she strokes you and kisses you better after she hit you.

Pre-pee - Pretty. She mainly says this one while touching my earrings or ring, wishing she could hold them.

Baby - This word is always preceded by a "mmmm" as she goes in for a kiss, whether it's her doll or the picture of her that is the screensaver on our computer screen.

Ssssssss - Shhhh. She puts her finger to her lips and says "sssss" with her little lisp. She does it when she is pretending to put her dolls to sleep, or sees the sleeping puppy in her favourite book, or when she saw my Dad praying in mass with his eyes clothes and she thought he was sleeping.

Ba! - Potato. We were trying to explain that the raw potato in the pantry wasn't for eating and didn't taste good by going "ba!" and making a gross face, so now she calls potatoes "ba."

Ka-ka - This was one of her first words because she has a little obsession with crows. She also tries to walk up to them and kiss them when she sees them. Every time she hears one outside, "Ka-ka?! Ka-ka?!"

All gone - Have to add this one in because she says it a million times a day. Whenever anything is all gone, or if it's not for babies so it's taken away, or if she wants to be "all gone" from her high chair.

Okay, I could go on forever because I am an adoring parent, but I will stop myself here. I can't wait to write these out when she says the hilarious things kids always do.

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