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5 Simple Living Podcasts for Moms Who Want to Live With More Purpose, Intention + Joy

I love to listen to podcasts that inspire and educate me in areas I am trying to work on. One goal of mine is to live more out of intention and less out of habit. To be more purposeful about what I bring into my home, what I do with my days, the kind of mom I am for Rose, how I go about my relationships, how I work on my prayer life and faith, and all other areas of my life. To simplify my life, essentially. I find podcasts to be a great way for me to stay focused on these goals, to get inspiration and learn things that help me on this path.

Here are 5 podcasts that I think would be great for any mom to listen to who wants to live with more joy, intention, and purpose in their home and motherhood.

The Purposeful Home Podcast

This podcast is definitely near the top of my favourite podcasts. I always leave it feeling so inspired and ready to make little changes in my life for the better.

It is hosted by two mamas, Allie Casazza and Kelsey Van Kirk, who are experts in all things intentional and simple living. Allie also talks a lot about minimalism over at her blogThey talk about beating chaos and overwhelm, and living intentionally and purposefully in life, marriage, motherhood, and in your home.

I can't say enough good things about this podcast. It is essentially about redefining motherhood - making it a positive role where moms live out of a place of abundance rather than overwhelm. It's about getting out of survival mode and freeing you to enjoy motherhood and homemaking.

Allie and Kelsey help moms do all that by talking about all the home, mom, and life topics that lead to more joyful and intentional motherhood. They have really great advice, tips, and inspiration. The majority of the episodes are done by Allie and Kelsey, along with some great guest episodes thrown in as well. This is a must-listen podcast for moms who want their motherhood to be more purposeful, do-able, and joyful.

Some great episodes to start with:

- EP 001: Get to Know The Purposeful Home

- EP 003: Why Minimalism is the Answer to Overwhelm

- EP 018: How & When to Say No

- EP 025: The Life-Changing Power of Words

Average length: 30-45 minutes

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The Practical Minimalists

This is such an awesome podcast and I thoroughly enjoy each episode - they leave me feeling excited and inspired to make positive changes in my life, home, and motherhood. It is hosted by two minimalist moms, Eryn and Heather. They are really down to earth, normal moms, who talk about living a more intentional life by getting rid of the excess. They have a great approach to minimalism and the podcasts are so helpful for moms especially.

They have a good mix of solo episodes where the two moms talk about a particular topic, as well as episodes where they host guests who are knowledgeable about a specific topic relating to minimalism, home, parenting, and self-improvement (they have super awesome guests!). The hosts are also such likable and relatable people, as well. I definitely recommend giving this podcast a listen.

Some inspiring episodes:

- #36 - Minimalism and meal planning

- #39 - Cleaning with less overwhelm, blogging, DIYs and thoughts on minimalism with guest Becky Rapinchuk (Clean Mama)

#35 - All about capsule wardrobes with guest Suzy Holman

#34 - Minimalism and home styling

Average length: 45-60 minutes

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The Minimalists Podcast

I feel this list wouldn't be complete without, in my opinion, the most classic minimalist podcast. Bear in mind, they are not casual minimalists - they're all in. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus ("the minimalists") help people live more meaningful lives with less stuff. They talk about how to clear the clutter to make room for more time, passions, experience, growth, contribution, contentment, and freedom. Joshua and Ryan are also the two guys behind the very popular Netflix Minimalism documentary.

Joshua and Ryan are really driven and cool people who live out what they talk about - they live their lives with a lot of intention. One thing I really appreciate about this podcast how much effort they put into really making the podcast helpful and of value to the listeners. You can tell they really prepare for the podcasts and they put out so much insight and valuable information that can really help listeners improve their lives through minimalism. I find I get a lot out of each episode.

I would say that the other podcasts on this list are awesome for any mom who wants less overwhelm or more purpose in her day, but this podcast pertains to improving life through minimalism specifically. So if you are interested in minimalism, it's an awesome podcast!

Some great episodes:

- 000 | Who Are The Minimalists? - An introduction to "The Minimalists" and the podcast

- 046 | Letgo

- 007 | Stuff

- 071 | Media

Average length: An hour (it varies though!)

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The Simple Show

The Simple Show is a podcast hosted by Tsh Oxenreider and is about living unconventionally, creatively, intentionally and simply. Tsh talks with her awesome co-hosts (Stephanie Langford, Erin Loechner, Kendra Adachi and Haley Stewart) about "great books, the glory of travel, and hygge-filled home."

Tsh is such a cool person who has had really amazing life experiences - living in Turkey with two young kids, intentionally living "slowly" in America, and traveling the world with her a bit older kids. She's someone who lives life unconventionally- the way she thinks is best rather than the way our culture tells us to. Her co-hosts are also really amazing people with great insights and really cool life experiences and perspectives.

This is more of a conversational podcast that is easy and enjoyable to listen to. All the hosts are really relatable, and you also feel like there is something you could learn from each of them. It's a great podcast about living life well and simply whether in your home, while you're traveling, or anywhere. It's especially good for moms as each host is a super inspiring mom.

One little side note: Tsh Oxenreider has some great books that she's written as well. I'm reading Notes From a Blue Bike by her right now and it is amazing! Erin Loechner (one of the co-hosts) also has a book, called Chasing Slow, that I have heard so many people rave about and definitely plan on reading!

Some episodes I enjoyed:

Ep. 88: No & Yes - This is the perfect episode to start with as Tsh introduces herself and you can get to know a bit about each co-host, as well as experience the style of podcast it is and hear something that is a pretty central theme on the podcast - saying no to some things so you can say yes to the best things.

Ep. 53: Living Slow - This episode is hosted by Tsh and co-host Erin Loechner, author of the book Chasing Slow which I have heard so many people rave about and need to read!

Ep. 30: The More of Less with Joshua Becker

Average length: 30-45 minutes

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Simple Life Together

This podcast is no longer running, but I had to include it on here because the episodes in the archives are really good. Each episode is packed with value and you can really reap the benefits of all the intention, effort, and planning that is put into each episode.

The podcast is done by Vanessa and Daniel Hayes, a husband and wife (as well as parents) who are very actively pursuing an intentional and simple life. They are not only inspiring but also offer very practical tips and insights that help the listener implement simplicity and intentionality in all aspects of their lives.

The catchphrase of their podcast is, "Living a Simple Life in the Modern World," and the podcast really makes apparent what the amazing benefits of simplifying are, and gives very helpful, concise and practical tips for how to do this.

I highly recommend this podcast, I find it to be a really inspiring source for simplifying stuff and life, and also practical and full of really helpful insights. Vanessa and Dan are also a really likable couple who are fun to listen to.

Some great episodes to start with:

- SLT029: Beginning Our Simple Journey, and "About Us" - This is a great episode to get to know Vanessa and Dan, their simplifying journey and story, and why they are pursuing a simple life.

- SLT055: 7 Habits for Highly Effective Simplicity - This is my favourite episode! So packed with value and insight. Also a good episode for finding out the kinds of things they talk about on the podcast.

- SLT071: The Power of Habit

Average length: 30-45 minutes

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