Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Starting an Online Clothing Boutique: IVY + JUNE


I'm starting an online clothing boutique this January called Ivy + June!

What I'm selling:

Dresses and tops.

I'll be selling clothes that are feminine, flattering, and pretty. They'll also be practical and comfortable, clothes you can actually go about your life in that aren't fussy or complicated - I like clothes that are simple and also make you feel pretty. It's not going to be about brand names or being fashion forward, but being stylish in a simple and sophisticated way.

Why I decided to start it:

  • I find it really difficult to find clothes that are modest, simple (not "fussy," with Rose I find I need things that are more practical), and comfortable, while also being pretty and feminine. I want to sell clothes that fit all those criteria. 
  • I find malls a little exhausting, especially with a toddler, so I think online shopping is amazing (I even do my grocery shopping online whenever I can). I want to give that option to people. I want to make their online shopping successful by taking a lot of photos and being as detailed as I can in all my descriptions of the clothes.
  • There are some really awesome boutiques in the States that sell the type of modest and unique clothing that I'll be selling, but it's really hard to shop from any of those stores as a Canadian. The exchange rate makes things more expensive, shipping to Canada costs a lot, and sometimes you have to pay duties at the border. There are barely any online clothing boutiques that sell this type of clothes in Canada so I want to give Canadians that option. 
  • I believe feeling lovely is really important for women - feeling elegant and pretty and feminine. Not all the time (I live half my life at home with Rose with no makeup and my baggy Thailand pants on), but every once in a while we all need that. That is something I love about dresses, the way they can make you feel elegant, feminine, and lovely. There is so much insecurity, comparing, negativity, and beating up or picking apart (with our thoughts) that goes on for women. I want to spread positivity, compliments, little joys and pretty things - like floral dresses or flowy bell sleeves that make you feel like a fairy :)
  • I really love staying home with Rose and want to continue staying home with her for as long as I can. I have been searching for something for me to do on the side - something that I'm passionate about and enjoy, that I find fulfilling, and is a hobby that I enjoy. Motherhood is the most fulfilling thing that my life has ever been blessed with, but I find it really healthy for me to have a side hobby as well. I've also been searching for a way to make even just a small amount of side income. This business will be more focused on the hobby and passion side than the income but I love that this will offer me both. I can do something that I care about as well as enjoy as a side hobby that will also be a business for me - and I am going to do my best to make it successful. My family is very entrepreneurial so I've also had a big interest in certain aspects of businesses - especially the social media marketing side. I just felt that this business idea was the perfect fit for my personality and my life.

The purpose behind the store:

If those earlier paragraphs were too novel-like for you (I know I'm long winded), here is the purpose behind my shop in short version:

- Provide women with feminine, modest, unique and simple clothing

- Give Canadians a Canadian-based online shop option without the crazy exchange rates and shipping costs

- To spread loveliness and help women feel pretty

- As a hobby that I will enjoy and feel passionate about and a business I can do my best to make successful

When I decided to start it:

I started thinking about it and doing research in the summer and officially decided to go for it in the fall (I was really excited but also a little terrified). My good friend Micheline recently started her own online clothing boutique at www.shimmerandglow.ca and was the one who originally inspired me and helped me so much with everything I needed to know to get it started.

How I chose the name Ivy + June:

I spent forever trying to think of a meaningful store name that I also liked the sound of. In the end, I decided on two girl names that I think are pretty, sparkly and sweet. Also, my birthday is in June and I've always loved the month of June :) I could go into detail about why I like each name but I will stop myself here...

Ways to follow along and connect:

  • By signing up for my email list in the box at www.ivyandjune.ca. The emails won't be all the time or annoying, I'm not a fan of those. There will just be the occasional email with new arrivals, sales or special discount codes, and maybe the odd exciting thing I have to tell you :)

I'm also going to have a secret group on Facebook, Ivy + June Insiders, that I'd love for you to join! I would love for you to be part of my little team and help me with decisions and let me know what you'd like best, and I'll let you know everything that's going on with the shop. I'll also give everyone in the group special deals to thank them for being part of my little team.

15% off to say thanks for being with me from the beginning: 

I want to say thanks to everyone who has been with me from (before) the beginning. If you put your email into the box at www.ivyandjune.ca, I will send you a promo code for 15% off your first order when our store launches in January. You'll also be able signed up for my email list but if you don't want to get any more emails after you get your promo code you can just scroll to the bottom of the email and unsubscribe.


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