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Hi, I'm Alicia. Here's a bit about me:
  • I'm the oldest of seven kids, and I absolutely love being a part of a big family. My siblings are some of my best friends and we have a blast together.
  • I got married to the love of my life at 22 and we had our little girl Rose ten months later.
  • Getting married to Matt changed my life so much for the better.
  • I really really love being a mom.
  • I am definitely addicted to coffee. Sometimes in the middle of the day I will feel excited to wake up the next morning because I'll get to drink my morning coffee.
  • I'm Catholic and love Jesus with all my heart.
  • Sunlight and warm weather bring me lots of joy.
  • I love pretty dresses.
  • Canned alphagetti is my number one guilty pleasure.

In this blog you will find bits of motherhood, simplifying, family adventures, faith, a little bit of travel, and my thoughts on life.

I have always loved writing and have filled many journals with my thoughts. I started this blog because of my love for writing, to share things I'm learning, working on, and am excited about, as a creative outlet, and to simply share stories and bits of my life.

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read what I have to share. I hope that you find value in what you read and come away with something. I absolutely love to hear from anyone who takes the time to read my blog, so please send me an email and introduce yourself, or contact me through Instagram, and feel free to ask any questions you might have!

My email address is and you can find me on Instagram @sunshineandposies_

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Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to reach out! My email address is and my Instagram account is another great way to get a hold of me.


  1. So so happy to see that you've started your blog!! ♡ ♡

    1. Thank you Kaihla! You really helped inspire me to! :)